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Clark is a global manufacturer of forklift trucks, with a 90 year tradition of quality that is ‘Built to Last’.

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Flashback Friday

It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY! - On April 11, 1970, the Apollo 13 crew of James Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise prepared to board the vehicle which will transport them to the Kennedy Space Center launch pad. Three days after the launch, these same men narrowly escaped death when an oxygen tank on the ...

Flashback Friday

It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY! - It’s not often that you see a person wearing a dress shirt and tie operating a lift truck, especially one with a set of tracks instead of tires! This sibling of the original “Clarkair” is a powerful forklift indeed. Initially developed with a blade attachment ...

Throwback Thursday

It's THROWBACK THURSDAY - In 1941, Bradley Field was established by the US Army as a military air base in Hartford County, Connecticut. After World War II, the field was turned over to civilian control and, as it grew, was re-named Bradley International Airport. Today it is the second-busiest in New ...