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Flashback Friday: CLARK Truclift

IT'S FLASHBACK FRIDAY! -When companies claim to be ‘first’ in the material handling industry, they are typically referring to industrial trucks powered by electric motors, not internal combustion (IC) engines. CLARK invented the Tructractor, the first IC material handling truck, in 1917. ...

Flashback Friday: CLARK Tructractor

IT'S FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Here’s one more look at the iconic CLARK Tructractor as we begin our Centennial year. This image is from the infancy of the material handling industry and shows a young teen operating the chain-driven dump bed, unloading coal at a “beehive” coke oven. In the ...

Flashback Friday: CLARK Tructractor

It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY! - One hundred years ago, the creativity of Eugene Clark and the people of CLARK Equipment Company worked together to invent a shop buggy to assist with transporting materials across their expansive manufacturing plant. Known as the Tructractor, this marked the world’s first ...

Flashback Friday: CLARK Toy Trucks

It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY! - The holidays are a special time for giving. Throughout the years, CLARK steel and plastic scale model toy trucks have been popular gifts for children of all ages. We will send out a special gift from the CLARK store to the first person who can correctly identify each of ...

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