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Flashback Friday: CLARK Tructractor

IT'S FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Here’s one more look at the iconic CLARK Tructractor as we begin our Centennial year. This image is from the infancy of the material handling industry and shows a young teen operating the chain-driven dump bed, unloading coal at a “beehive” coke oven. In the ...

Flashback Friday: CLARK Tructractor

It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY! - One hundred years ago, the creativity of Eugene Clark and the people of CLARK Equipment Company worked together to invent a shop buggy to assist with transporting materials across their expansive manufacturing plant. Known as the Tructractor, this marked the world’s first ...

Flashback Friday: CLARK Toy Trucks

It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY! - The holidays are a special time for giving. Throughout the years, CLARK steel and plastic scale model toy trucks have been popular gifts for children of all ages. We will send out a special gift from the CLARK store to the first person who can correctly identify each of ...

Flashback Friday: CLARKTOR CT120

It's FLASHBACK FRIDAY! - Although not the first jet airliner in service, the Boeing 707 is credited with ushering in the ‘jet age’ and was the first to be commercially successful. In this photo, a 1957 CLARKTOR CT120 tows a new Boeing 707 as it is being introduced to the press for the first ...

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