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CLARK Forklift Rentals

Why rent a CLARK Forklift?

Clark has over 350,000 forklifts operating today. With such a large field population, Clark has the expertise required to offer the best rental packages, with the best parts and service support to ensure it's forklifts keep operating at peak efficiency. Clark Forklifts boast a heavy-duty and robust design, leading components, and are "Built to Last". 

Whether you operate a single forklift truck for a small number of hours per week, or you have a fleet of forklifts operating a warehouse, renting a forklift can provide significant benefits to your business including;

Free up operating capital
Your business will only have so much cash and working capital at its disposal. Renting a forklift will mean you can use this resource for inventory and other business assets.

Free up operating capital
In today's dynamic world, business must continue to innovate and change. Renting a forklift for a short to medium term can be a great choice in maximising options in a dynamic industry.

- Selecting a rental plan that suits your needs
Rental plans can be tailored to match the demands of your application and hours. Talk to your local Clark dealer to see how we can meet your needs!

- Fully maintained and modern equipment
Most long-term rental plans will be fully maintained, saving you the hassle of servicing your forklift. And since your maintenance costs are included in your rental rate, there won't be any surprise expenses if you have a breakdown.

Where to rent a Clark Forklift

Clark has a wide range of new and used forklifts available for rent from branch locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch, and from Clark dealers throughout Asia-Pacific. Click here to find a dealer

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