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YT220 'MKII'

The 'MKII' cabin is a cost effective solution built on the same chassis with the same componentry as the 'Euro' YT220. The side exit and entry door allows quick and efficient connecting and disconnecting of trailors also increases safety and reduces operator fatigue as there is no need to climb and disembark the unit each time. The YT220 is a multifunctional tractor capable of handling work from ports, distribution centres, industrial sites and airports.

The spacious cabwith large windows combined with side entry inboard door presents an ideal ergonomic 4x2 workhorse. Terberg Yard Tractors are engineered and built to handle up to 200 tons G.C.W, with lifting capacity of the 5th wheel up to 36 Tons.

Safe Work Environment - Wide steps with 3 points of contact safety rail and flat rear deck, all round visibility and easy entry with the full height door.

Robust and Durable - leads to high loads, longer life with high residual value. Features include a strong and durable fully tested chassis, up to 36tons fifth wheel and lifting capacity and a strong drawbar.

Comfortable and Efficent - High quality driving experience with cabin suspension, robust mirror arms, plenty of room for accessories with enhanced cockpit control panel.

Easy to Service - efficient maintenence and repair. The YT220 has quicker and easier access to components both electrical and mechanical to ensure services and daily checks are cost reducing.

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