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With 48 volt technology and a 48 volt (0.9 kW) drive motor, the WPio18 has even more power and can be used more flexibly than the comparable CLARK pallet truck WPio15. With a load capacity of 1.8 tons, the WPio18 pallet truck also has a large color display that provides the operator with all important information at a glance, such as the remaining battery capacity. The side support rollers ensure stable movement, even when turning. The vehicle is equipped with an integrated charger as standard and can be charged at any 230 volt socket

Low Maintenance Costs - Long lasting, lightweight and maintenance free lithium-ion batteries keeps costs over the life of the pallet jack low. There are no requirements to refill water, control acid levels or have dedicated charging areas as no gas is emitted.

Opportunity Charging - Recharge when convenient in moments of downtime to extend operating times without restricting the battery life. Suitable for multi-shift use where you can opportunity charge optimally eliminating those surprise low charge battery moments.

Greater Efficiency - Gain full power no matter what the charge percentage is. ‘Signs of fatigue’ aren’t seen like in lead acid variants when they reach approximately 40% discharge. The energy yield from the charger is also very high sitting at around 90 to 95%.

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Lithium Ion Battery
Aisle Width
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Battery Power
48V, 20Ah

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