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YT203 EV

The latest yard tractor features a range of new features that makes it a high performance and a reliable EV alternative to that of a diesel engine. With various battery capacity combinations up to 222 kWh you can customise to suit the range you need while always having sufficient power for peak loads.

The new battery technology features a Thermal Management System allows use at ambient temperatures ranging from -30 to 50 degrees celsius. Universal charging connector also complies with the CCS2.0 automative standard.

Regenerative Braking - The EV system features regenerative braking which helps reduce energy consumption.

Low Maintenance Costs - With the drive being electric, there are fewer moving parts compared to a diesel engine which contributes to lower maintenance costs. To help reduce downtime for maintenance, the YT200 has a multi-functional design allowing mechanics with easy access to components.

Choice of Battery Capacities - Choose the right battery to suit your application with larger batteries to handle high duty cycles. With a lower duty cycle operation with greater opportunity to charge throughout the day, a small battery pack at a lower price can be chosen.

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