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CLARK Operator & Site Safety Tips

Posted on: 8 Nov 2018
Topic: General News

Safety is built into every CLARK Forklift. However, safety can be improved by following some simple tips starting with the operator before they turn the ignition and continuing through to work site awareness.

Safety tip #2

  • Operators should be appropriately dressed - the correct safety equipment, including hi-visibility jacket, safety shoes and hard-hats (where appropriate) should always be worn

  • Forklifts should only be operated by those who have been properly trained and have a forklift licence to operate the equipment

  • When mounting, always use the three points of contact system to provide maximum stability and support. Keep both hands firmly gripping appropriate holds and ensure a stable foot grip, thereby reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling. Around one in three forklift injuries occur when operators are getting on or off the forklift

  • Before starting the forklift, check all controls are within reach, the seat is in the correct position and mirrors are adjusted as appropriate

  • Always ensure you buckle your seatbelt before operating the forklift


Safety tip #3

  • Observe all work site rules and guidelines for the environment you are operating in

  • Ensure you pay attention to and follow all signs on the site

  • Use the horn when approaching an entrance or turning a corner to alert any unseen pedestrians or other vehicles that a forklift is in operation in their vicinity

  • Maintain a safe distance and speed from pedestrians, other vehicles and obstacles on site

  • Avoid hazards that may impact on stability or traction of your forklift and its load. This includes bumps, slippery floors, unstable ground

  • Never leave a forklift running and unattended




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