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CLARK Forklift's C50sD - For Tough Applications

Posted on: 29 Aug 2018
Topic: General News

Tough applications require a tough truck and the CLARK C50 has the muscle for when it counts to tackle any task placed in its path. All with the reliability & safety that is expected from CLARK Forklifts.

Heavy lifting - 5 tonne capacity with a hydraulic system that reduces horsepower loss and heat buildup whilst maintaining optimum performance of attachments.

Rugged frame
 - Heavy duty, welded, and formed steel plate design protects from impact damage and extends the life of the truck.

Engineered for extreme environments - The open-core, plate fin radiator provides maximum cooling of the engine and transmission in the harshest

environments and the most demanding applications.

The power behind the punch - 3.8L turbocharged diesel engine

Safe and Reliable CLARK Forklifts are BUILT TO LAST and come 
with a long list of safety features including:

  - Nested upright rails for maximum window visionCabin 

  - Transmission disengages when parking brake is set 

  - Engines meet reduced emission and smoke levels

  - Engine will only start when gear is set to neutral

  - Hood gas spring with automatic locks

  - Safety valve prevents accidental uncontrolled mast lowering in the event 
    of oil pressure loss or hose damage

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