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CLARK Forklift Safety Tips

Posted on: 16 Oct 2018
Topic: General News

At CLARK, Forklift safety is a design element, not an afterthought! As part of our commitment to safety we’re sharing our top tips on forklift safety.

Safety starts before you even pick up the keys – ensuring your forklift is thoroughly inspected and regularly serviced is key to not only forklift safety but helps keep your forklift running effectively!

Safety Tip #1

1. Inspect thoroughly

Materials handling equipment should always be thoroughly inspected with daily checks made before starting work. The shift supervisor should then always be informed if any problems are identified.

2. Service regularly

Regularly service your forklift to avoid problems. Regular services save both time and money by reducing breakdowns and repairing problems before they cause damage to other parts of the unit or cause safety issues. 

3. Use qualified technicians

Equipment which requires repair should never be operated and repairs and maintenance should only carried out by qualified technicians, for example the supplier’s service engineer.

4. Use genuine parts and service agentsParts

Using genuine parts and having your vehicles serviced by a manufacturer-endorsed workshop can assist in long-term running costs. Aftermarket parts or third-party service technicians may compromise quality.

5. Select the right fork for the job

Select a forklift that considers thecapacity and safety features specific to your workplace needs to reduce the risk of forklift-related injuries.

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