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Benefits of a 3 wheel GTX electric forklift

Posted on: 7 Jan 2019
Topic: General News


Benefit of a 3-Wheel electric forklifts


The CLARK GTX 3- Wheel counter balance forklift is perfect for tight turning circles and maximising warehouse storage spaces! The GTX Series is fully electric making it an ideal choice for indoor/outdoor applications; including manufacturing, warehousing and logistics where low emission is important. The low emissions of the GTX provide a cleaner work environment and are better for the health of the operator.


The CLARK GTX is engineered for the same performance of a gas or diesel but with 100% electric power, it adds value by lowering operating costs, reducing carbon footprint and lowing noise emissions. Boasting a 90degree turn circle, the CLARK GTX allows for increased mobility in comparison to other forklifts! Smaller turning circles enable more aisles to be filled in a warehouse, enabling better utilisation of space. The compact size and low emissions of the 3-wheel GTX electric forklift makes it ideal for shipping containers. Value for money is a key benefit of the GTX Series, there is a saving of around $5000 AUD when comparing a similar model 4-wheel forklift.


Some of the stand-out features standard with the GTX:


  • 48 V Battery
  • Wet disc breaks
  • Solid pneumatic tyres
  • 90 Degree turn steer
  • Programmable LCD dash display
  • Battery lasts 8 – 12 Hours


Optional extras to make the GTX even more applicable for your needs include:


  • Cold storage option
  • Side battery removal with rollers

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