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Go Green with CLARK Electric Forklifts!

Posted on: 7 Jan 2019
Topic: General News

Go Green with CLARK Electric Forklifts!

Why choose an electric forklift over an internal combustion engine? These are CLARK’s top 5 reasons to go green with an electric forklift.

  1. Low emissions creating a cleaner, better and more safe work environment – reducing liability and cost of cleaning.
  1. Lower cost of ownership compared to similar Diesel & Gas Models with lower serving costs. CLARK estimates that over a 5-year period a similar gas model will cost an additional 35% for ownership over an electric model, for diesel this is over 20%! Why the difference? Maintenance on an electric forklift is generally simpler, is required less frequently and few parts are required.  
  1. The added convenience of easy re-fuelling/recharging. There is no need for an on-site fuel storage unit! Reducing lability as well as eliminating costly and time consuming diesel or gas refills of machine, also it is highly convenient to plug in the machine at the end of the shift, and be ready for business the next day.
  1. Electric forklifts create a safer operator environment with reduced vibration and noise as compared to IC Forklifts. At times the loud and persistent noise of LPG and Diesel forklifts can impair an operator comfort, hearing and fatigue throughout extended operation. Similarly, a quieter forklift reduces noise distractions for both the operator and their co-workers, providing improved on site safety.  
  1. Lower fuel bills! Operation of an electric forklift is made more affordable. Electricity costs much less than LPG or diesel fuels.


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