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WPL25 Pallet Jack – Powerful, Safe, In Stock & On Sale

Posted on: 29 Mar 2021
Topic: General News

Shoulder strains, back trauma and foot injuries are just some of the most common manual handling injuries from manual pallet jacks in the workplace environment. The requirement of moving heavier, larger loads faster than ever before are having a greater effect on the health of the workers.

An ideal alternative to traditional manual hand pallet jacks is the CLARK WPL25 Lithium Ion Pallet Jack, currently in stock and on sale. The removable battery pack features the latest lithium ion battery technology, rapid charging, to up charging and double service life all in one small package.

Ergonomically designed with easily accessible controls, whilst staying super safe with a built-in horn and belly button reversing switch as well as a smart display so you will always know your operating time & charge levels. The charge station is small in size and weight and plugs into standard power points, the battery itself only weighs 5.1kg making it accessible to most operators.

Being much safer to operate than standard pallet jacks with its emergency stop and speed limiting safety features, the CLARK WPL25 lithium ion pallet jack also works to eliminate operator strain, is safe & easy to maintain and doesn’t require a licence to operate. Don’t forget the importance of wearing appropriate PPE when operating any pallet jack.

CLARK WPL25 Lithium Ion Pallet Jack, currently in stock and available for delivery. Proudly Australian owned and operated.

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