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Terberg Takes Part in Autonomous Operation Pilot

Posted on: 20 Jul 2021
Topic: General News

Automation with three layers

Terberg Special Vehicles of the Netherlands are leading the development of fully automated yard tractors, deploying prototypes since 1992. The AutoTUG Concept of automation is based on three layers.

The first layer called ‘Drive By Wire' can be controlled via a CANbus system. Automation is integrated into the vehicle with the relevant safety levels. The ‘Drive By Wire’ controls the operation systems of the vehicle.

The second layer is the ‘Electronic Driver; that utilizes the first layer and is able to drive the vehicle allowing it to manoeuvre along a pre-programmed path.

The third layer is the central system from which the AutoTUG gets its instructions and controls the fleet.

In addition to this system, Terberg is partnering with supplies to allow AutoTUG to share traffic lanes with conventional vehicles, they include safety features such as cameras and radar for collision avoidance. Mixing terminals and vehicles is proving difficult with the solution still in the making.

Rob Van hove, Terberg Managing Director, said that there is tremendous interest in AutoTUG, but ‘everyone wants to use it autonomously from the start’ At new terminal, where there is opportunity to design the layout to separate manned and unmanned equipment, terminal operatory currently prefer to use automated machines. But for existing terminals, where shared traffic flow is required, the market wants autonomous solutions.

Terberg are now working with technology specialist ZF to develop and autonomous vehicle system that can be adapted to many situations such as cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Terberg and ZF are working on a layout for scenarios that require a mix of manned and autonomous vehicles.

Currently, the yard gets divided into a grid, with vehicles being released incrementally, the system knows where the vehicle is at all times and works to avoid situations where other vehicles are working on the same grid at the same time.

It is a complex and challenging feat for both Terberg and ZF, hopefully one that will come to fruition in the near future.

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