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Light on the environment, Strong on performance - EPXi Series

Posted on: 19 May 2021
Topic: General News

Take a ride on the green side with Clark’s EPXi - the perfect alternative to the internal combustion engine forklift! The Battery electric EPXi delivers on green credentials in providing a non-polluting, smart and safe forklift for your worksite. Lowering your emissions is one of the most important ways to reduce your carbon footprint. And electric Forklifts are an easy way you can reduce emissions in your warehouse and workplace.

Even renewable energy wind farms such as GE International INC AS are getting on board with CLARK. Simple in nature but well-engineered in terms of ergonomics CLARK’s EXPi features a high seating operator place ensuring greater visibility, is cost efficient when it comes to servicing and of course environmentally friendly in terms of energy consumption.

The EXPi, like all Clark Forklifts, is built to last. This core principle is another way going green with Clark helps the environment. Longer product life cycles mean less dependence on resource heavy manufacturing which helps the environment – and delivers cost efficiencies to our customers!

Go green and enquire about the CLARK EPXi today!

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