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Manage your fleet effectively with OMEGA Watch

Posted on: 24 May 2021
Topic: General News

Manage your fleet effectively with OMEGA Watch, OMEGA’s Fleet management system. With an end goal of cost efficiency and fleet productivity, Omega Watch reduces idle times whilst maximising utilisation of equipment. The simplicity of the dashboard provides users with a smooth interface and quick access to real time and historical data. With the environment in mind, OMEGA utilises the system to be able to monitor fuel consumption effectively. Omega watch allows users to track, vehicle operator status, fuel level, RPM, Lift 24 Hour/per day and 7 days, customer, engine and fuel use trends.

OMEGA Watch features (24 Hours a Day):

- 24-hour Real-time GPS location display and recording
- Data analytics
- Workplace safety
- Task assignment & workflow management
- Service maintenance management
- Engine temperature and oil pressure tracking
- Monitor real fuel consumption and fuel draining
- Prevention of incorrect loads
- Employee tracking: daily clock on / clock off
- Employee identification check the working hours, performance efficiency and prevent unauthorized driver access
- Reduced administration paperwork - productivity benefits
- Reduce insurance costs

OMEGA watch can also be combined with the OMEGA ProScreen to really reap the benefits of a SMART driver interface and efficiency within fleet management.

Built SMART. Built TOUGH. Built HERE. Keep up to date with your fleet and enquire with us today!

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