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CLARK Forklift Pre-Shift Inspection Tips

Posted on: 23 Jun 2021
Topic: General News

CLARK Forklift Pre-Shift Inspection Tips

CLARK understand the importance of operator safety and that’s why we have such a big focus on designing and manufacturing the best in safety. However, there are also many steps operators can take to improve safe forklift operation. A quick 2 to 5 minute pre-shift check can pay dividends, decreasing the likeliness of serious injuries and accidents to employees. For businesses it also has an added benefit of over time reducing maintenance costs and product damage.

Before performing a pre-shift inspection check, it is advised that you must firstly refer to the forklift models’ specific operator manual or checklist. When conducting a pre-shift forklift inspection there are two important checks; physical and visual checks. Listed below are several important visual and physical checks you must conduct on your forklift. If some of these visual and physical defects are identified then a manager must be notified and the faulty forklift must not be operated.

Visual checks

  • Tires/Wheels: wear, damage, nuts tight
  • Head/Tail/Work Lights: damage, mounting, operation
  • Chain: check for wear
  • Gauges/Instruments: damage, operation
  • Operator Restraint: damage, mounting, operation, oily, dirty
  • Warning Decals/Operator’s Manual: missing, not readable
  • Data Plate: not readable, missing
  • Overhead Guard: bent, cracked, loose, missing
  • Load Back Rest: bent, cracked, loose, missing
  • Forks: bent, worn, stops
  • Engine Oil: level, dirty, leaks
  • Hydraulic Oil: level, dirty, leaks
  • Radiator: level, dirty, leaks
  • Fuel: level, leaks
  • Battery: connections loose, charge, electrolyte low
  • Covers/Sheet metal: damaged, missing
  • Brakes: linkage, reservoir fluid level, leaks debris on floor

Physical checks

  • Engine: runs rough, noisy, leaks
  • Steering: loose/binding, leaks, operation
  • Service Brake: linkage loose/binding, stops OK, grab
  • Parking Brake: loose/binding, operational, adjustment
  • Seat Brake (if equipped): loose/binding, operational, adjustment
  • Horn: Operation
  • Backup Alarm (if equipped): mounting, operation
  • Warning Lights (if equipped): mounting, operation OK
  • Lift/Lower: loose/binding, excessive drift, leaks
  • Tilt: loose/binding, excessive drift, "chatters," leaks
  • Attachments: mounting, damaged, operation, leaks
  • Battery Test (electric trucks only): indicator in green while holding full forward tilt
  • Control Levers: loose/binding, freely return to neutral
  • Directional Control: loose/binding, find neutral OK

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