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3 Reasons Why It Might Be Time To Upgrade Your Forklift

Posted on: 5 Jul 2021
Topic: General News

Productivity is taking a hit.

Productivity. It’s a main goal. Whether it’s logistics, manufacturing, shipping or literally every industry a forklift is used in, it is very important your forklift fleet is meeting your productivity requirements. As your forklifts get on, you may notice they are spending more time on the sidelines undergoing repairs or maintenance, more time on charge as the batteries are getting older or even the forklift is just slower and less efficient compared to when it was brand new.

Lots of modern forklifts have updated technology and software that can massively improve productivity and reduce costs. Upgrading these older forklifts towards new and improved forklifts can combat your productivity issues and help optimise and improve efficiency in your business or workplace today!

Majority of your fleet have internal combustion engines.

It might be time to make the switch! Battery electric forklifts have gained a lot of traction over the past years and it’s not hard to see why. There are so many areas where battery electric wins in the battery electric versus internal combustion debate and it’s no surprise.

Battery electric forklifts can improve warehouse safety and lower your carbon footprint as they produce very little emissions or absolutely none at all! Internal combustion forklifts may have a lower initial purchase price but there is no doubt a CLARK battery electric forklift will save you money in the long run through its savings on fuel, efficient maintenance and low effort repairs.

High maintenance costs.

No one enjoys spending money on constant maintenance and repairs. If you have noticed your older forklift fleet has recently got you reaching for you wallet more often than usual, then it might be time to upgrade. When your average forklift ticks over 10,000 hours you will see a spike in regular repairs and downtime, not all forklifts are built to last like CLARK’s are.

The best idea is to say goodbye to these high costs by retiring the forklift or fleet and say hello to a new forklift or forklift fleet. Not only will it reduce repair costs but will also boost your businesses productivity.

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